North American Veneer is a global supplier of hardwood veneer and
hardwood logs from the Appalachian forest region of the United States.
Located in central Ohio, we live and work in the epicenter of the finest
hardwood forests in North America. Our veneers are produced to the
industry’s highest technical standards, and every shipment—whether it is
veneer or logs—undergoes a thorough quality control process to ensure
that our customers receive the grade, quality, and specification they
expect and deserve.

With a lean and efficient business structure,
NAV is able to offer single-bundle and furniture-
grade veneers with American technical quality
and still compete on price with American
veneers produced in China. At the same time,
we are able to offer special thickness veneers,
premium panel grades, and architectural-quality
veneers for your high-end furniture, door, and
specialty project needs.